Jo Malone London Yellow Hibiscus Cologne 3.4oz 100ml Unisex Limited Edition we offer various famous brand


BrandJo Malone
CategoryBeauty, Fragrance, Other, Jo Malone Other Fragrances


A Vibrant Blossom

In the tropical heat of the Hawaiian Islands, a precious golden flower with a glowing red heart turns its elegant, tubular face towards the sun. Every afternoon, as the waves wash lazily across the sand, the delicate petals of this optimistic little flower unfurl in full adoration of the rays’ warmth. A sun-worshipper, if ever there was one.
This is the yellow hibiscus. The state flower of this island paradise. Its golden glow can often be found along the sun-drenched volcanic slopes and hiking trails, beaming from the emerald green vegetation, vivid and sweet, as bees and butterflies pay their reverence.

Symbolizing royalty, power, and respect, the yellow hibiscus is also believed to encapsulate a spirit of femininity. It was often presented to Victorian women by love-struck admirers as an acknowledgment of their beauty when verbal reverence was deemed inappropriate. A coded exchange steeped in romance.

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