Genuine Rare Libyan Desert Glass Garnet Silver 925 Dragonfly Gemstone Necklace luxury brand


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Genuine Natural Libyan Glass tektite guaranteed by a licensed gemologist. Paired with a Genuine Brilliant Red Faceted Garnet on a Sterling Silver stamped 925 dragonfly pendant. Includes a complimentary 16” stainless steel chain.

Libyan Desert Glass, also known as Libyan Gold Tektite or Great Sand Sea Glass, is a unique and nearly pure silica tektite made mostly of Lechatelierite believed to have been created from a meteorite impact over 26 million years ago. This occurred over the modern day Sahara Desert in what is now western Egypt & eastern Libya. Pieces are found scattered across many square miles and range in color from a transparent yellow to a full-bodied gold. Powerful manifestation tool. Acts as a psychic shield & helps you remain happy while grounding you.

Garnet is January’s Birthstone
*Please note that every crystal is unique and naturally formed with inclusions and/or natural imperfections.

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